Tropical Redcar – An Introduction

Tropical Redcar An Introduction

This video is all about Tropical Redcar An Introduction. This incredible part of the world and how it is possible for it to exist is laid bare in this video. Professor Proboscis discusses the phenomenon of Tropical Redcar with Bonger News home affairs correspondent Bobby Dazzler. They explain about the massive undersea volcanoes off the Redcar coast. These volcanoes heat the sea for a distance of two miles from the beach and to the west to South Bank and east as far as Saltburn.

Tropical Redcar An Introduction – The Coatham Magnet

The warm sea flows ashore aided by the Coatham Magnet, or ‘Maggie’ as it is known locally. The ‘Maggie’ is a strong current which flows from about two miles out to sea to the beaches of Tropical Redcar. This causes warm sea water the hot air generated above it to flow inland up to the Coatham Hills. It also flows west as far as South Bank and east to Saltburn.

The flora and fauna in Tropical Redcar and beyond are tropical. Pineapples, bananas, coconuts and other tropical fruit grow there. Strange animals roam the shore and the land beyond. There are huge crabs which roam the beach. They are not dangerous and are highly intelligent. In fact, people have taught them to communicate and to wrestle. They wrestle at frequent events in the purpose built stadium, the Redcar Klackadrome. In the air parrots and other tropical birds fly, and there is of course, the dreaded Coatham Marsh.

The Coatham Marsh

The Coatham Marsh is a huge area of marshland. It consists of two thousand acres of marsh and jungle. The thick matt of flora makes it impossible to visually penetrate from the air. The marsh contains some terrible species of flora and fauna. It is an area to be avoided as crocodiles and other dangerous predators live there. One creature in particular generates real terror among the local populace.

The Marraboo

The dreaded Marriboo. Few people have seen this creature and a only few images of it do exist. Several expeditions into the marsh have ended in disaster. In fact of the fifty-seven people involved in these expeditions only three have ever returned. These three people are now gibbering wrecks in St Raving Nutters Loony Asylum, unable to function.



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