The Shortest Fairy Tale
The Shortest Fairy Tale

This video is of the shortest fairy tale. An ancient fairy tale about a handsome prince. He had been told by his father King Dung the third, that he must marry, and soon! The prince didn’t really want to get married. He was as gay as a flock of larks. So when the ugly little slapper  rejected his advances he was ecstatic.

The princess

The princess featured in the shortest fairy tale is of really good stock. Her parents are the King and Queen of Bavaria. They were a pair of complete swine. Or so their daughter says. They gave her a dowry of a dozen rotten eggs and a nit comb. Not that Princess Slappo was particularly bothered. She was used to the ill-treatment of her parents. When she was only five they sent her down the coal mines to work. To their surprise she loved it. They were totally bemused as any parents would be.

The mines

However, her parents were very happy to get rid of her down the mines for most of the day. One day she mischievously brought home a ton of nutty slack and put it in their bed. They then sent her to live with her Aunt Helga in the Black Forest. Helga was a fun loving psychopath who enjoyed sawing horses in half. Princess Slappo did not like Aunt Helga or Uncle Frogbrain. He was a strange man who ate grass and head-butted circus animals. She longed to leave and return to annoy her parents.

The Prince

The Prince featured in the shortest fairy tale was a bit of a knob. He thought the earth was flat. He even believed the mountains were flat. One day he met the princess.

Shortest fairy tale

The Prince met the Princess in the Rumpo Forest. To find out what happened you must watch the video.

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