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Oil and gas millionaires

Oil and gas millionaires. Few men have emerged from such humble beginnings to become oil and gas millionaires.The youngest of 35 children, his childhood was hard, just like other oil and gas millionaires. His father was the laziest man in Texas. By the time his father got up in the morning it was usually time to go back to bed. Unlike most oil and gas millionaires, the workboots his father had, which were forty-two years old, didn’t have a mark on them. J J Buzzardburger was born J J Jones. He didn’t like that name, it wasn’t the name of future oil and gas millionaires. Other names he didn’t like were Harry Potter shitface and pissypants.

Oil and gas millionaires

As with other oil and gas millionaires, J J was ruthless. When he was still in his twenties, JJ bought the state of Idaho and the first topless steak house in Kentucky. He was well on his way to becoming one of the oil and gas millionaires.

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