Global Warming Environment Oil Bonger News 14

Global Warming Environment Chips Scoffem Bonger News 14

Predictably, Chips Scoffem scoffs at global warming, the environment, exploitation and everything else that is wrong with being right. Chips is not taken seriously by everyone. However, Chips is a very rich man. Even if the environment is poorer because of him.

Hyde Park Nodding Donkeys

Chips Scoffem’s ‘contribution’ to the wellbeing of the environment has, unfortunately been to propose the building of a coal fired power station in Surbiton, an asbestos factory in Charing Cross and the actual installation of nodding donkey oil pumps in Hyde Park..

Global Warming Means The End Of Stinking Polar Bears Says Chips

Chips Scoffem is of the opinion that global warming is a completely wonderful phenomenon. Soon there will be no nasty rotten stinking polar bears to tear people to pieces when on holiday to the North and South poles.

Chips Scoffem realises that lots of people in hot countries will feel the effects of global warming when things get uncomfortably hot in the future. Chips Scoffem doesn’t give a damn about this, the only thing he likes about Spain is the bullfighting.

Global Warming Environment News 14 is fun says Chips Scoffem

Chips Scoffem’s contribution to the wellbeing of the planet is not to be scoffed at. If his ideas of nonservation were implemented the planet would probably not last until Christmas. So says Professor Proboscis of the renowned Warrenby University. In fact, Chps’ proposals would probably go a long way to making Mars a more attractive home for the human race.  Mars would be a lot cooler.

Global Warming means better holidays

Chips Scoffem believes that the package holiday industry could expand out of all recognition once people in equatorial and sub equatorial countries begin to fry. Also, people would not move about as quickly. They wouldn’t have to eat as much. The poopulation of the world should decrease.

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