Fighting Bull Jasper Murdered Bonger News 13
Fighting Bull Jasper Murdered

Fighting bull Jasper murdered. Jasper’s executioner calmly and piteously stabbed him with a long sharp sword.

News Broken To Parents

Jasper’s parents were informed of his vile murder last night. His bemused parents said nothing. Although at one stage Buster, his father said ‘Moo’. Buster was also murdered this morning by another sword-wielding transvestite.

Fighting Bull Jasper Murdered

Bullfighting has been a ‘sport’ in Spain for centuries. It began out of frustration with not being able to get the Arabs out of Spain. After the Arabs  left they couldn’t get out of the habit.

Lots of people in Spain detest bullfighting. It is a violent and one-sided spectacle. The meat of the fighting bull is expensive. It is sold in markets. People who buy the meat think it will grow them bigger muscles. It does not grow them bigger brains.

Fighting bulls are always black

As in the song made famous by Tommy Steele only black bulls fight. White bulls are of a different breed. White bulls do not fight. The meat of the fighting bull is delicious. So we are told by people in the markets. They prefer the meat of the fighting bull. It is not just good beef. It is purported to be the finest meat in the world. That is, if you prefer beef to chicken.

Fighting Bulls Cost Money To Breed

Fighting bulls are bred in Spain. Spain and Mexico have bullfights. The UK pays over £13 million towards the cost of breeding bulls. These are bulls that ‘fight’. Rather they will be slaughtered for peoples’ entertainment.

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