Churchill’s Tropical Redcar Speech
Churchill’s Tropical Redcar Visit

Sir Winston Churchill visited Tropical Redcar in 1943 during the second world war. He was very grateful to the people of Tropical Redcar for their support during the war. The people sent pineapples, bananas and other tropical fruits to many of the war’s front lines. This made the troops healthier and raised morale enormously . Morale was boosted even higher when the people of Tropical Redcar welcomed the troops to the town during their precious but short, home leaves.

The troops

The troops were feted throughout the pubs and clubs in the town. They kept the local slappers busy. The great man really loved Tropical Redcar. He had been there several times to watch the giant crab wrestling contests.  The giant crabs wrestle in the Redcar Klackadrome. The great man’s visit was deemed by all to be a highlight in the town’s history.

Second World War And Churchill

All politicians said that the great man’s visit to Tropical Redcar was wonderful. It was said by all that it helped end the second world war. In fact he said it did more than anything to end the war. He believes the troops’ morale was boosted by the help from Tropical Redcar. In turn this morale boost helped the men fight harder. Tropical fruit from Miller’s fruit shops helped keep everyone healthy.

The Coatham Marsh

Those same fruit shops supply Tropical Redcar’s tropical fruit to this day. However, the great man had one big disappointment. The king and heads of the armed forces forbade him to visit The Coatham Marsh. The Coatham Marsh is a dreaded and dangerous place. It contains the most dangerous plants and creatures found anywhere, including Australia. The horrible Marraboo monster is said to be the most awful thing in The Coatham Marsh. Sightings of the marraboo are rare. Many who see the creature have lost their minds.

Tropical Redcar Today

Today, nothing has changed.   Tropical Redcar still has the Coatham Marsh, the beach and the tropical climate.

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