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The Doctor Who Arrest And The Foul Mouthed Daleks

The Doctor Who arrest. Dr Who has arrived in the original 11th century London Dungeon It is far below London. About thirty metres down under King’s Cross tube station. Bobby Dazzler has gone to try to interview him. Unfortunately, the police want to talk to him as well. It seems he is wanted for sex offences. He is accused of abducting young girls and keeping them prisoner in a big blue box. Bobby Dazzler has found the blue box. Unfortunately the police are also there. They want to talk to the doctor about the sex offences. The doctor comes running back and after mouthing off to the police, disappears into the box. The police are reluctant to follow him. The blue box’s door closes and the box vanishes. Then the foul-mouthed daleks arrive and everybody runs for the exit.

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