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Bonger News 7 European Union News.  Tricky Dicky is joined by another news anchor for this issue of Bonger News. She is Suzanna Strumpette. She arrived from defunct Lion News along with Tricky. Lion News Corporation suffered a series of financial disasters last year. The disasters began soon after the appointment of Snodgrass J Snodgrass. He was hired as financial controller and disappeared very quickly and very richly. Most of Lion News’ assets were sold to pay off debts.

Gufnick Toidi

Bonger News 7 European Union News, begins with a story about Gufnick Toidi. He is a German chancer (Lot of them about) Soon to be made Grand Wizard of the EU. This position is above any other position in the European Union. Nothing was known about Toidi prior to this appointment. Rumours abound as to how he could have been considered for the post. The most damning of these rumours is that he was once seen talking to someone from FIFA. If this were proven than he could well be removed from the post. FIFA is considered even more crooked and corrupt than even the EU! And the EU was sued by the mafia last month when they were mentioned in an EU meeting. Prime Minister’s Questions

Bonger News 7 European Union News

The appointment of Gufnick Toidi is dicussed in PMQs. Parliament are not happy at all about the appointment. Bonger News 7 European Union News reports that the tories favour Chips Scoffem as Grand Wizard. Labour wants Toidi to be the Grand Wizard for no reason other than party politics. However, Chips Scoffem could be a very controversial choice. He is the leading British nonservationist. This means he doesn’t believe in conservation. He also hates big dangerous things like lions, tigers and polar bears. Bonger News 7 European Union News understands he has a chain of endangered species restaurants. These restaurants serve fare such as panda burgers, tree frog pies and polar bear steaks.  For more on Chips Scoffem visit Bonger News 1

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