Cecil The Lion Bonger News 9

Cecil The Lion

This is the Bonger News Video number ten which gives an update on Cecil The Lion. Chips Scoffem, the world famous nonservationist gives his take on the murder of Cecil The Lion. Chips has never been a lover of wildlife, especially violent wildlife. He believes that creatures like lions, tiger, polar bears etc. should be wiped from the face of the earth. He says polar bears should be called bi-polar bears. This is because all they want to do with any other living creature is kill it and eat it. Chips has a chain of endangered creatures restaurants around the world. He laughed as he said he did a roaring trade in tiger filet mignon. His panda burgers are said to be delicious. He believes conservation is fruitless, ridiculous and impossible. The Scoffem view is that all predators should be shot. Then, he believes, there will be more grub for us.

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