Travellers Arrive Bonger News 6

Bonger News 6 Travellers Arrive. Good News, it’s Goodbye to the meerkats! They got fed up in London. No salyanka, no Russian girls. They are now working at the John Bull bar in Moscow serving cocktails. There is a new news anchor  for Bonger News. This is Tricky Dicky who joined after the meerkats left. He revealed officially for the first time that the meerkats were really glove puppets. Now wasn’t that a surprise? He was poached from Lion News after they went into liquidation. Bonger News 6 Travellers Arrive contains no item on drone hunting. For an item on drone hunting visit Drone Hunting an introduction

Last Days Of The Raj

Old film footage of the last days of the British Raj has been discovered. We see a gang of rebels planning to kill the governor. The Raj is being insulted along with everything they brought to the country. ‘What have the bloody British ever done for us – NOTHING’

Dangerous Dogs

Dangerous dogs are an ongoing menace in this country. This item warns of what can happen if you fall foul of one. The dog in the news item is of a particularly dangerous and persistent breed. This bitch is a wire haired Essex Slapper. The breed is renown for moving in with you and then wanting your house. Steer clear of the breed and in fact, all dogs. You will end up a richer person for it.

Travellers Arrive

Bonger News 6 Travellers Arrive. Travellers have arrived in the beautiful south downs. They have established a travellers’ site.  Local MP Mr Naivepratt is defending their record in the area. The noise, mayhem and general anti social behaviour he dismisses as poppycock. Mr Naivepratt believes them to be an asset to the area. When taxes are mentioned the travellers spokesman denies they are avoided by the travellers. He makes it clear that they pay all their taxes. in fact they are asking if more taxes could be added to their liabilities. Such is the enthusiasm they have for paying them. Anybody believing this has a bed saved in St Raving Nutters Lunatic Asylum.

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