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This news item is again presented by the meerkats.Billy Bubblewrap no longer works for Bonger News. He fell from grace and is said to be working for a company called Lion News. Bonger News 5 Redcar Marraboo, contains an outline explanation of Tropical Redcar. For a full explanation visit Tropical Redcar an introduction

The Marraboo

The Marraboo is a creature that lives in Tropical Redcar. Some say it is the product of fertile imaginations. However, it has been seen in The Coatham Marsh. The Coatham Marsh is a 2,000 acre area of tropical jungle, swampland and rain forest. There are many dangers as well as the Marraboo in the marsh. The Marraboo is a huge ape-like creature. It is reported to be up to seven and a half feet in height. The marsh lies on the outskirts of Redcar close to Warrenby. Students at Warrenby university use it for their research. Not that it is particularly safe. Many fellows of the university have gone into the marsh never to return.

Bonger News 5 Redcar Marraboo contains a scary item. This is to do with the Marraboo. Warrenby University are trying to make contact with a Marraboo. They want to learn more about them. Unfortunately, this is a very hazardous aim. Few have returned from Marraboo expeditions. Some who have returned are now in St Raving Nutters Lunatic Asylum.

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