American President’s Visit Bonger News 3

Bonger News 3.  American President’s visit, is presented by the meerkats. These meerkats, believe it or not, were not REAL meerkats. They were glove puppets provided by ‘Dopey presenter puppets Ltd.’ The reason for the puppet presenters is a little ominous. Billy Bubblewrap, the previous presenter, was sacked. He could not stop drinking, thieving from the studio, sexually harassing the studio totty and was charged with aggravated and persistent todger-grabbing. Whilst the studio were delighted to get rid of Mr Bubblewrap, his replacements did not meet with universal approval. Many thought they were a little frivolous for such a serious and respected news channel.

The Scots love for the English

Bonger News 3. American President’s Visit. Includes a revealing item, presented by Angus McHatred. It portrays in dramatic fashion, the love the scots have for the English. It was very popular in and around the pubs of Sauchiehall street. A spin-off series has been commissioned called, ‘Scotch Corner’. Also on Bonger News 3 is president Obama’s visit to Tropical Redcar. In it he displays his countless musical talents. He visited Tropical Redcar for the inaugural crab wrestling match of the season. This match was between Les Shellit and Klacky Pallo. Interested in redcar crab wrestling? It is mentioned in this video.

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