Adolf Hitler’s Son Comes Forward Bonger News 11
Adolf Hitler’s son ‘Comes Forward’ Bonger News 11

A man known as Gomez Hitler has come forward claiming to be Adolf Hitler’s son. Most of the world thought Hitler and Eva died on 30th April 1945. Gomez laughed quite loudly at this. He said that his dad died much later. The Bonger News foreign Correspondent Russel Kattle interviewd Gomez last week. Adolf Hitler’s son ‘Comes Forward’ Bonger News 11.

Adolf Hitler’s son comes forward

Gomez contends that his father and Eva faked their own deaths in 1945. He says that Adolf Hitler and Eva Brown found a couple of Hitler and Eva fanatics to stand in for them in their suicide. They were Fritz and Magda Dumbkopf from Krappwurst in Bavaria. Both had tried to join the Hitler youth a few years before. They were refused entry because they couldn’t spell the word ‘Germany’. Both then joined the post office instead. They were both sacked after a day as neither could read the addresses on the letters they were supposed to be delivering.  It is unclear if they happy to die to aid their beloved fuhrer’s deception. Their neighbours said they told them they were going on holiday at the Nazi party’s expense. A long holiday, they said.

Whatever the truth of the matter some things are indisputable. They had been radically transformed facially by highly advanced experimental plastic surgery. You will see in the video how much they looked like Adolf and Eva. In the absence of DNA testing they would easily have passed for Adolf Hitler and his mistress.

Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun live. Fritz and Magda Dumbkopf don’t

Fritz and Magda were both well known mutton-heads. Their devotion to their evil fuhrer was well known. When they entered the annual Adolf and Eva lookalike competition their fates were sealed. They won hands down. A gestapo officer, Herr Flick, informed Hitler of them and that was it. And after their deaths Adolf and Eva were free to travel to South America.


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